Shame, Shame, Shame

For the record, my writing workshop or class has been all about Bizarro fiction. In the simplest form, Bizarro fiction is weird writing that incorporates elements of surrealism, absurdity, satire, parody, dark humor, and mixes with other genres. I always think of the Pop Surrealists art movement that happens to be text. Bizarro can be trippy, bleak, hilarious, or tragic.  There are some good books out there that were a mix of odd and disturbing, and some fun.

I’ve been learning a little more about the genre, and trying to write within it. I embraced the class with enthusiasm, and it’s been fun. I’ve been having fun trying to get my stories together while reading other class members stories. We all seem to have our own unique flavor. Needless to say this is a class of diverse talents. It’s also taught me to accept that fun ideas and weird can go hand in hand.

However, would I let my parents read my stories? I laugh at this because as someone with a southern upbringing, the kind of weird, imaginative things I dream up may have my family looking at me sideways. I can hear the “what the hell is this you’ve written” beaming from my parents’ brains directly to me. I can see my family wondering, “what kind of mind dreams up this kind of stuff without being disturbed.” Needless to say I am judged for my creativity if it doesn’t fit a certain mold.

However the answer is very, very simple; “my mind dreams of such things, and I love it.” I like being happy, and creative. I like working on projects that interest me. I love not having to try and fit my stories to please everyone when the goal is to tell an entertaining story. So I guess I’m ready to take the shame of being a Bizarro writer. Does this mean i get to put a scarlet “B” on my clothes. It’d look nice on a sweater. Or what about “Weirdo” on the back of a shirt?

I live for these moments.

Happy creative endeavors.


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