I have another writing assignment on the horizon. Well it’s due tomorrow, and I needed time to decompress. That was an issue in itself. It seems the moment I got to chill, someone went out of their way to distract me. My poor mind was “on” all day yesterday. It was not how I planned to spend the day off.

Flash forward to today, and this assignment needs legs. I really need an opening line to start the wheels of my imagination. On the one hand, I kind of wanted to create a new character, as it randomly popped in my head, but there’s a chance to expand on the characters I wrote for the last assignment. I really would like to see this character fit into a novel vs short stories, simply because I liked writing them, or I could do a series of short stories with the characters. I don’t know…yet.

So new character with all sorts of potential for silliness, or older character who has that lived in feel who could use exposure. These are the decisions that shape my creative world today, and I feel a bit nervous. God willing, I will get my stuff down on paper, and have this done.

Despite my conundrum, this is the most fun I’ve had writing in a while. Hopefully, this feeling will expand to my other works. I get the feeling I can do pretty much what I need to in order to get writing projects done.

As always, happy creative endeavors.



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