The Weekend

Man, it’s one of those days where I feel sluggish, and my thoughts are chaotic. I know I need some major rest, and not think too much on things today. I have some tasks that have to be completed, but that’s something I know that can be done without me overthinking things. To cap things off, I feel a biting headache coming on, which probably means I need to go lay down, and stop thinking about stuff.

At the moment resting isn’t possible, so I might as well put some effort into something, and why not blogging. I’ve at least got a few posts done this week, and I’m still upset about Prince’s passing, however, the initial shock has worn off. I’m just sad, and that’s been draining. Haven’t been able to focus on writing or creativity, but if I’m blogging, I know the gears are working.

I think I’m going to drink some more water, relax, and try to think positive. Ā Perhaps creativity will find me. Perhaps not, but this time will pass.

Happy creative endeavors.


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