Action Writer

I’ve noticed lately, the things I got caught up in, when I watch films is the action. So as I consider the fact besides liking bad characters (mainly the naughty ones are fun), elements of humor, parody, and satire. Friends suggested most of my stories contain elements of dark humor, sex, and mythology. They are all correct. What I also like is some action. Things need to happen. I get all caught up in action, mainly because that’s where the story’s led to. So this is me also looking at focusing on action as a genre to write a few stories withing.

That also means looking at adventure elements. Adventure is more of exploring the landscape, and seeing things-and happens to contain action. In films, and sometimes video games, the genres seem to go hand in hand, thus I see “action-adventure” as a descriptive for films. What does this mean for me? I’m possible delving into more fantastical and science-fiction worlds. Places that look different, or look exotic–if there is a such thing. That’s not to say this word doesn’t offer some things. I like the idea of exploring places, and discovering new things, boundaries, and pathways.

Needless to say, my brain is working overtime to contemplate the wonders of this genre. Also because I can tell you I watch a lot of action films for pleasure. They offer an escape from the real world for a brief time. Something to get excited and lost into for a short while.

As always, happy creative endeavors.


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