Orange Chicken, and Blood Sugar Drop

The one thing I thought I did smartly last night was not drink any soda or tea while having those sweet cookies. They way I saw it, I did too much bad the previous day by consuming soda, tea, cookies, and not enough water before bedtime. Well today I allowed myself to have a sweet tea/lemonade blend, and it was good. It was immediately followed by consumption of water, and more water. I wanted no part of coming down off a sugar high. I may have been too vigilant with the water.

Was at the desk, and suddenly I felt weak, tired, and needed to sit down. I did, and had some potato chips to give me some kind of energy. Part of me thinks it was the allergy meds that made me feel that way, however, I spent a lot of effort into flushing my system out, so perhaps my body reacted to that shift. Needless to say I need to be more careful, and eat something a little earlier to offset my food needs.

So for dinner I had orange chicken and rice. I could have at the whole thing, but I feel like that’s food coma territory. All I really wanted to do is enjoy the cookies without being sugared out, and work without drama. It seems my best effort put a cramp in my style. Know better is to do better, so this was a lesson learned.

Happy creative endeavors.


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