Yesterday’s second post was supposed be scheduled and appear tomorrow morning. But someone has a sugar high, and too excited to remember to not press post. Snafus happen. I happen. I kinda drank a lot of water, and starting to feel the pressure on my bladder that’s saying, “You fool around, type and keep sitting. I’ll be happy to go if you don’t,” He wouldn’t do that, would he. That water is flushing out my lovely kidneys, which were drowning in sweet tea.

Pause. Goes to restroom. Resumes typing. For the record, I do wash my hands with soap, and dry them.

I’m using Twitter a little more this week. They way I see it, I should use it more to quickly express a thought or mood. It’ll be fun. I hope to meet more people with quick communications as a simple way to say hello, or make someone’s day. I love being cheerful, and happy. Let us hope that with this post I will take five seconds to use the schedule feature as opposed to being a beast with publish.

On a side note, I though of a person i used to know and found their two faces to be wondrously hideous. I need to put that ish in a story. I wonder which face is the cute one in their eyes.  ROFL.

Y’all have a good day, and happy creative endeavors.


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