That Taco Turned Me Out

Well food coma feels like its on my doorstep, as this taco had me feeling like I was full, tired, and could sleep under a desk with little care of consequence. Of course, I’m not under the desk, I’m blogging. The goals for the day are to read my peers’ stories, and get feedback on mine. Since I’m not sleeping, that means that I can do more reading. For the moment, I can relax from writing.

It was nice to put effort into creativity, get revisions, and meet the deadline that the workshop demanded of me. I liked “forgetting” my screenplays and scripts for a brief time. I can see the impact writing has had on me. Clearly deadlines appeal to me, and I do tend to write a lot when it comes to stories. What I also had to do is be willing to cut lines and passages that didn’t fit the requirements of the projects. So it is work, and it’s challenging, but still worth it.

So, this taco sucker punched me in the sleep guts, and that’s really a hot mess on my part. It was a good taco, and I loved every bit of it. I wasn’t filled, but at the same time, I waited too long to eat something, thus fell prey to needing my hunger quenched ASAP, and paid the price for it. So go taco. Bad for me, messing up my appetite, but good for me to have fuel to keep going. To be fair, I had a piece of a gourmet red velvet cookie, and that thing was delicious, but that was a while ago, and the sugar rush was real.

I seriously can’t keep denying myself food on this magnitude.

As always, happy creative endeavors.


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