Revenge of the Cookie Sugar Rush

Man, I crave more cookies. That sugar don’t play with me. It had me a bit pumped, and I went to sleep late. It was all good. The only drawback was that I drank soda and tea late last night, and what did that do? It gave me plenty of congestion to deal with this morning. I felt a little ill with myself. Normally I can deal with allergy and sinus congestion. I even took my meds to make sure I managed that, but I loathe going to bed after all that sugar, and little water to drink behind it.

The lesson here is moderation. Eat what I like, but a dab will do VS a whole lot. Even further, drink some water before bed as opposed to sweetened drinks. Still I crave some damn cookies.  I have to leave the gourmet shop alone for a hot minute, as what’s good will turn bad on me. So I hope discipline will my fool self from something that should be pure pleasure, and not pure detriment.

The writing is ok. Doing some critiques of others work. Only one person in my peer group submitted, so I’m reading the other peer group’s stories that have been submitted. Also found myself answering the discussion questions, like I want to bring the instructor an apple, or in my case, a nice cookie. BTW, I found out there’s an espresso cookie, and I’m scared to eat it at night because my ass might be awake all night contemplating the wonders of the universe if I do.

So this is the revenge of the cookie sugar rush. Also that German Chocolate Cookie was read damn good.  Two more followed me to my office.

As always, happy creative endeavors.


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