A Small Update

So far, I’ve got my short story for the workshop formatted in Word, I printed it out, and wrote notes all over it. Went back to the Word document, and cut a lot of things out, and finally got this story to where I can put it down for a while, before I submit it to the workshop. This has been quite the journey.

I’m curious about my fellow writers as to their progress. I’m both excited and nervous to put this one out. Then again, all submissions give me butterflies, so that’s not a bad experience. Perhaps I should relax and enjoy some me time before getting the rest of the story together.

Along the way, I couldn’t define “entwined” and “intertwined” properly, so I had to look it up. Entwined happened to be the appropriate word to use.  I also couldn’t help but feel good about getting up this morning knowing I could work on this story to get things done. It’s also good to work in prose fiction again. I have another character I wish to use. She’s a hot mess of a mess, but she dying to get out and pester the world.

Happy creative endeavors.



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