Two-Thousand Words is My Goal Weight…

In a writing workshop trying to get my story done, and the goal is to make 2,000 words or less. At the moment I am over that amount, and I know that it will get into shape. The journey to this goal is so interesting. I have an outline for the main character. I know his likes and dislikes, characteristics, etc. I also have a prompt for the story. That made direction a lot easier. I used the Notes app again, as the primary go-to writing tool. I wrote a lot, and cramped my hands.  By the end of that session, I had 1,642 words, and I knew that I needed rest.

Later in the day I wrote more, and that put me over the count. Also I didn’t format, and had ten pages to make look like it was supposed to be in basic format settings. Then I wrote and revised. That kicked my story in some shape.Not everything is smoothed out just yet, so that’s what today is all about. Get to 2,000 words, or under. Submit the work to the workshop. Wait for responses. Read other people’s material and offer feedback.

As always, happy creative endeavors.


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