Thunder Lizards

I have dinosaurs on the mind, as a workshop assignment calls for me to tell a story about something weird, and the T-Rex came to mind.  The bulk of this story was written this morning, with me feeling like there was more to tell. The moment I walked away from writing, I had a flash of weirdness pop in my head, and I decided to write that down too. I found myself elaborating on the weirdness as well.

In the respect that this assignment has me writing short story, and being caught up in the content, I have to say I am happy for these moments. Too often the creative well goes dry, and I feel like I’m just gonna mope about. Not this time. I have stuff to work with for another day before its due, and I want to create the best short story I can.

I’ve already met the page/word content limits, so some editing needs to be done, but its good to have that line of thinking going as well. This is not to mention that I need to read some other material for a different project I’d like to get done today as well.

As always, happy creative endeavors.


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