The Late Night Post

Contemplating on what to write, and not feeling there’s something to say at the moment. Did suffer from a serious migraine earlier, along with some neck pain, and that really clouded my day. Thank goodness I had something to take for it. My appetite went erratic on me, and my stomach went upset. Fun times, let me assure you. Still, as the day wound down, my mind was like, “why don’t you blog.” Such a random thought, and I want to capitalize upon it.

Perhaps I should have stayed offline for the rest of the night and got some rest, as I didn’t feel too functional, but it was my day off, and I should relax some.

The writing workshop began this week, so I found myself documenting some of the weird things that can happen within the course of a few days. For the record weird things happen everyday, and sometimes I think we either ignore or laugh at them.

For example, a court show had a plaintiff suing a restaurant owner because instead of serving calamari, he served bleached pig anus to her. She was Jewish, and observed a strict non-pork diet. That was weird as hell.

On that note, happy creative endeavors.



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