Creative Gust of Wind

Over the weekend, my mind was on dialogue. I imagined I heard a conversation between two characters, and suddenly I needed to write the thing out. First, I am grateful and very happy to put ideas down in a file, because ideas can and will beget other ideas. Second, as I wrote, suddenly some of the characters had personas, and agendas I wasn’t aware of at the time. On this note, some characters can be as sneaky as all get out. It can be rather shocking. I’m contemplating now as to how treacherous one character truly get. I’m not sure if murder is in the arsenal of this character. I’m kinda scared and excited. Part of me doesn’t want this character to be a villain, but part of me does. I like that the character’s behavior came from the writing more than me directly assigning them the role.

I guess that’s the point of me writing random scenes from my head, good things can from these moments. Knowing a little something about these people helped me understand them. Another character is very proud, and I don’t know where that’s taking him, but I can see where it will get him into repeated troubles and confrontations if only he’d learn his lesson. Perhaps its time to see how far the pride goes, no? There’s a moment when my character’s troubles fascinate me, and I wonder what shall happen next.

As always, happy creative endeavors.


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