Stop Making Sense

Been off/on with the creativity again. It seems that things are still out of sorts more than they are in a stable pattern. Typically, I feel guilty about this, and as always, I try to get back up again, and get the deed done, or look like its done. Allergies are barely being kept at bay as I changed one of my allergy meds from a twenty-four hour does to twelve hour. We have to see how this plays out.  I feel like a hot mess.

Listened to my inner nonsensical muse. I wrote a nonsense poem that I left alone with hopes of seeing it with fresh eyes. May post it this weekend, if I can let the darn thing go. Also made nonsensical words for fun. They don’t have full definitions other than I was amused at trying to piece them together, but I also think it’d be a shame to waste them on not being incorporated into some kind of creative works. So there, I’ve applied logic to my nonsense, or it has its own internal logic. The future’s unwritten on this, or unbitten. Just flowing with the go.

Well at least the brain is working on things it likes.  For a Friday I am distracted by the weather, which looks like it wants to pour down and make us all miserable. If it’s a downpour, then that really hampers the mood, and I hope things will be relatively quiet, or soothing enough to get through the day. If not smooth, as long as the day passes, right? Gotta keep the eye on the prize, let the upsets fall to the side, no?

On another note, as I thought of this, I wondered about writing about who a main character was, or at least who I thought he was. It is writing I didn’t intend to share, or incorporate fully into a story, but I kinda want to know who I’m dealing with, and I have a feeling this process will cement a few characters for me. So let me get on top of that, and try to make that the smooth part of the day, and worry less about rain.

As always, happy creative endeavors.


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