Adventures With Congestion

Dealing with congestion is the pits. If I’m not stuffy, my nose drains.  If the sinuses are calm, then the allergies are attacking me. So many days of itchy eyes, malcontent, and trying to get rid of the ailments.  I do use allergy and sinus meds. Then there is the netti pot for flushing out my nasal passages filled with excess mucus. I may be speaking too soon, but at least I don’t have the sinus pressure that comes with any drastic change in temperature for me. The pain behind my ears, face, nose, teeth, head and eyes aren’t there.  Praise the Lord. Talk about experiencing misery around the clock.

Sometimes these meds make me feel drowsy, and I need some serious rest, or so I think.   Perhaps I’ll go to bed earlier tonight.  That should help me balance out some things, I hope. If not, it’s a long way from here, to sleepy time, so I better find a way to stay awake and alert. Besides coffee, that is.  As much as I want some coffee, it tends to agitate my congestion.  So booo on that, but I’m willing to let it go for the sake of feeling better.

Creativity needs to get on the go today, which is something I’m, not waiting to inspire me. I believe that I need it to keep me focused, as opposed to feeling a bit blah, which I do, but I want to be over that, and creativity helps.  I sense me working on an outline soon. Better that I go do it, than talk about it further.

As always, happy creative endeavors.


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