Sunday Evening

I was supposed to write sooner, but there were delays.  Yes, I wrote that in the passive voice, but it worked. It seems at night my brain has been working overtime, trying to resolve storylines it refused to work on during the day. So for the past few nights, I woke up, and tried to place some sentences in my Notes app.

Today I was supposed to work on them some more along with helping a friend with a storyline he wants to develop.  My poor mind is abuzz, and tired. I felt the power of DST and a schedule change, and sleeping late really didn’t work, as I woke up early (force of habit now), and that throws me off.

At least I got laundry done, and I vacuumed. I should go make some tea.  Not sure yet where my creative energy is taking me. I also have a new idea for a story, that I have yet to figure out the logistics, but I would like to see more words written about this.

Happy creative endeavors.


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