Friday Bliss

Today is another day and chapter in our lives.  Was goofing off with a friend, and before I knew it, I had a silly premise/concept for a story.  Don’t know where it’s going, but I liked that I could make someone laugh.  A part of me is a pure entertainer, and a goof, who believes in people laughing and having fun.

The world can be weighty, and scary. In America, politics have become part sport, part entertainment, and a lot of rhetoric. This is, however, is a race for the future leadership of our country.  Rather than diss any particular candidates, the process of seeing some, and hearing what they say, can be revolting and frightening.  Enough about that topic.

What I do want is to keep in line with humor, and getting our minds off of things that can be negative. So if laughs do it, well, then, I’m down for that. I’m also looking into drawing some surreal-themed artwork, and that will definitely send one on some kind of trip. Hopefully it will take your mind off your woes as opposed to enhancing them.

Happy creative endeavors.


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