Someone once pointed out that I have an attraction to bad characters, and they were in many ways correct.  I have a creative taste for silliness, dark themes, and monsters. I don’t know how all those work together, but I enjoy writing with those themes in mind. Now I find myself thinking about more surreal and absurd ideas, which isn’t bad for me.

This introspection, in part, is me forcing myself to be creative again, and think about what I want to write and see.  Back to my title theme, I do like monsters and bad characters. Bad being malicious, petty, and vindictive characters.

Monsters, are just that, creatures, who can at least give a point of view for a story. Not 100% sure where it comes from, other than I loved mythology since I could read, and the villains always seem like they’re having fun in some films and books. The poor protagonists are kind of there being victims, and I loose interest in them.

This doesn’t explain my childhood fascination with superhero, and heroes of myth. Though heroes tend not to be victims, are stalwart, brave, and face some hardcore challenges. Perhaps I should accept that to write better characters is to embrace what appeals to my creative writing tastes.  It may also explain why some characters are harder to write for than others.

As always, happy creative endeavors.


5 thoughts on “Monsters

  1. A love of heroes and villains, to me, is a sign of a desire for the world to be bigger, both brighter and darker, less grey (the color of the businessman and newsprint). I also love musicals, for probably the same reason.

  2. Apologies for the tardy response. I am a mess. Some of Wheadon’s villains possess some charm and nuance. I thought Spike was interesting, up to a point. As was Angel, and Drusilla.

    I saw Age of Ultron, and noticed the villain was atypical, and seemed to have some mental disorders.

    Likewise in Serenity the Agent, was cold, callous, yet articulate, observant, and thorough. He also admitted he was a monster.

    I do like the complexity they have as characters.

    • To bring it back to Xena, from a conversation in the past, I liked Callisto. I thought of her as the one person Xena couldn’t walk away from so easily. I don’t remember all Callisto’s appearances, but her need for vengeance, and her insanity drove the character.

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