Late Wednesday Night

I was supposed to write this a while ago, so late is an understatement.  Been fascinated with monsters of late, and thinking I should draw some for the heck of it, and why not?  It’s not like there’s some pressing matter I have to attend to, other than blogging.

Was also looking at writing some stories for fun, and simply exercising my creativity. For the past few days I’ve been cramped up in here and tired. A little unfocused tonight, however, I have to get myself together.

This is weird as I often feel my creativity drained, or simply laying low. I kinda need to push that to the forefront big time. Been scribbling stuff on scrap paper.  Silly images, that remind me I need a pencil in hand more than a pen.  May need to go buy a set of drawing pencils and a sketchpad soon.

Today I can’t say much creative happened other than random thoughts.  I hope to put them to paper to at least commit them from the brain to reality.  Also looking at taking a court in writing. Not sure yet if that can happen, BUT I want to make that happen if possible.

As always, happy creative endeavors.


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