Outline on My Saturday Goodness


Several days ago I stumbled upon an old outline I did for a screenplay I filed and forgot about. Well, I read over it, was amused, and asked myself a couple of questions; the first was why not develop this further, and second is why didn’t I use more outlines like this sooner?

My friend Sarah told me about it, and it was a quick fifteen point outline, and I did it for a few ideas, and abandoned the stories and projects.  There are days where my randomness seems like a counter-productive trait, and now it seems like my mind is at least open to one possible story.

May do a few more outlines like this for some ideas, and file them away, so I can look at them later with fresh eyes.  It wouldn’t be so bad.  It’s just me trying to energize my creativity.  I have to admit, I need to get back into the swing of writing more. Having a job is a true blessing, and that balance needs to be struck where I can do things outside of work in addition to relax.

As always, happy creative endeavors.




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