Blast From The Past

A while ago, I wrote a short story that seemed to go in save file limbo.  In the past, I wrote and rewrote it, hoping to shape the story into something stronger.  Friends and my writing group to read the story, and gave good feedback. I made adjustments, as per the suggestions, and some I thought made the story better. I even submitted the story to literary mags and Amazon’s Kindle Selects, with the hopes of getting it published. It was rejected each time.  That disappointed me greatly, but that’s the nature of publishing. Somethings don’t make the pass to publishing.

So, I left the story alone for a while, because the truth was I was too close and too excited about the story to see all of its flaws, or make stronger cuts. I knew extended time away from this piece might allow me to see a few things a lot clearer.  It turns out I was right.  I had a few typos in there, and some of them didn’t make sense to me at all. On top of that I was willing to cut even more lines, and some paragraphs. Then I had to admit that the ending was a poor, and needed to be stronger.  Originally it was open-ended, which wasn’t too bad, but the consensus was to add something concrete. Admittedly, I  dropped the ball, and fudged it.

So, in that respect, I should have left the story alone for a while before trying to send it to publishers.  Mainly because I had the time to let it cool off, and delve into other projects. I felt I lost all objectivity, and was more than happy to show what I created. Yes, I should’ve know better, but I was blinded by my efforts, and a desire for completion. That was wrong. I was wrong.

Now I have the story in my hands again, and looking at typos, and simply contemplating how I feel about revisions to it. Reworking will not be so bad, provided I take longer to contemplate theme and genre. I don’t want to make the same mistake again, and send off a half-baked piece. Perhaps a revise and a deep freeze (as opposed to a cool down) is needed. I will gladly work on other projects and worry about them after necessary changes. Same goes for my TV speculative pilot, and any other project I’m supposed to be working on.

As always, happy creative endeavors.


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