A Day To Relax

Today is Saturday, and I know a few things are gonna happen. First, this blog post will be done, and then I’m a do some reading. Next, I promised myself to look at some films and review their prologues, and see if inspiration jumps off for me.

I have a Kindle (2nd gen-so behind on the latest gizmos), and for the longest I had not access to the 3G/wireless network. Furthermore my power cord and charger walked off into the wild blue. All I had was a simple USB cord I could connect to the laptop and charge it.

This situation left me frustrated, as I still didn’t have the connectivity to download samples of books, and ultimately purchase a book if I liked the story. Needless to say my desire to use it dwindled until recently.  Got an email from Amazon to update my Kindle, which could be done via connectivity to my laptop as opposed to online.  It worked, now I fresh samples to read.

Amazon also advertised, via their site, a buyback for older Kindle models, and get a discount on newer models. I am curious about newer models, but I rather like what I possess.  The newer models don’t have a text to speech function, so I’m like nope. My 2nd gen model works, I kept it in good condition, and I’m pleased with its performance since I was able to restore the 3G/wireless feature.

For me, hang the Kindle doesn’t eliminate my love of books.  I work in a library, after all, but it is a good way for me to save space. I have a very limited amount of space, and when I did use it, I noticed I was more of a voracious reader/listener. I want to get back to that.  So samples today, full books in the future.

As always, happy creative endeavors.



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