Wednesday’s Lost and Found

I lost my flash drive, or more accurately, I misplaced my flash drive.  This threw me into some serious chaos. I knew that I was careful with it, and placed it in a secure location when I was done with it, but I was wrong.  When I reached for it, the flash drive was not where I thought it was. I didn’t panic. I thought for sure I left it in my room, and when I returned home, I’d have it once again. It wasn’t in my room.  I did some mad searching for it too. This reminds me to clean up my room and vacuum behind the bed as soon as possible.

I did find it, today, sitting on my desk, out of eyesight. I stumbled upon it by accident. I’m rather surprised, and a bit concerned that I was so careless. Yes, accidents do happen, however, this is one misstep that could have cost me. At the moment, this is my only backup to my computer files, and when the opportunity presents itself, I can assure you I’m purchasing a back up to my back up.

This experience reminded me I really couldn’t describe my flash drive beyond a few basic points. That is not good. While the true proof would be to examine the files within the flash drive, and I named the drive after myself, there’s no outward label of this fact. I am taking a picture of the drive to show in case it does get lost publicly, again. It sounds overly simple, however, it will help me help myself in the future, if necessary.

I am going to take extra caution when using my flash drive, and make sure I put it back where it belongs. It was good that it wasn’t lost, but it could have.

Happy creative endeavors.


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