A Little CINE

Sorry, I haven’t written a post since January 20th, and that was a kind of cheat with a video, but it was film, and cinema is good for us all, right?  I jest, and I have been on quite the adventure since then.

First and foremost, I’ve been looking for a job, and that meant interviews, lots of applications, and hoping get some success. Well I did a few interviews, and got hired! This is great news for me. I am happy for a start at being employed again.

At the very least, I got out of my unemployment rut, and I like working.  This may seem odd, but working gives my writing a strong break that I need from time to time, and allows me to focus on other things, such as getting oriented with the policies and procedures, patrons, and paperwork.

Suffice to say paperwork is good, if not a little intimidating at first, and let me tell you my mind was off writing for a while. I knew a post was in my future, and am happy to get back something that I love doing.

Writing will continue, as I try to get a respectable balance going. I love having work time, and creative writing work time. I also like being able to pay my way once again. It’s easy to take pay for granted when its steady, as I have, and when you see and feel it missing from your life, you gain respect for being employed. That’s not to say being creative and writing was bad, far from it. It has kept me a bit sane in trying times.

As always, happy creative endeavors.


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