A Cold Monday

It’s a cold day. Too cold for me.  I needs my hot coffee immediately. There also needs to be a blog post on my agenda, so here we go. Not sure what to say other than I hope to get some writing done via screenplays today.  Even if it’s a start, or addressing themes.Something to get the ball rolling as far as writing done.

Granted, being sick slowed me down, however I feel a need to be productive, after spending days laying down and resting. It was good to have absolute rest while ill, but I’m mobile enough now, and my head’s clear.

Let me also say I had ideas of what I wanted to write.  I really did.  I still have those outlines and ideas. I’ve also been watching some videos on being a better screenwriter (will post some soon). So I have a little more ideas on how to put some thought behind the work.

As always, happy creative endeavors.


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