Out With the Old, In with the New

Ever had a moment where you were so frustrated that you got over whatever it was that set you off? I’ve had many of those, and I am so glad for them. It’s the things in 2015 I don’t want to carry over into the new year.

I’ve been frustrated by creativity, and trying to resolve some stories, and I’m very over trying to decide on one factor over another.  Yes, some decisions needed to be made, but that’s part of the process.  No need to anguish over the little details.  Let the journey tech me if its right, wrong, or needs a stronger resolution.

The past year also taught me to go back and look over some of my guides and instructions. I totally threw some of the story structure out the window, and had to relearn some things in order to make the format work. So at the very least a simple basic is remastered.

Also feeling a need to delve into fine art.  Its something that I’ve been trained in, and to be honest, the best time I had discovering art was in a graduate art history class. Some of the stuff was odd, and I was indifferent to some it, but it reminds me of why art was important and communication is powerful.

Have a very happy, prosperous New Year,

Happy creative endeavors.


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