A List & Rotation

So now that I insist on a direction, and I want things to happen. This means getting a list down of the projects that I want completed, and getting my writing down to a rotation.

So far I have three projects on the list, and I want two more.  Not for ambition’s sake, but I want to stay busy.  The first three will be considered the main projects.  These all need at lest three pages a day once I get the outlines completed.

The last two will be the back-ups. Stuff I work on when I feel like the other three have me :stumped,” and I want to work on something that’s not connected to the big three. One of those two has to be a smaller project, so I can get it to first draft, and off to the others.

It all seems hectic, but I want to have things done by the end of March. Yes, I’ve given myself a deadline, and I want to stick with this deadline. I also want to make myself do more writing on a consistent basis.

On a technical note, perhaps I should add a sixth project, since I consider blogging writing, and I want it to be more consistent as well. I don’t know, but I shall figure it all out. The first start is finishing the list.

As always, happy creative endeavors.


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