Five More Films

Because I have more films to discuss, and its fun to share.

The Matrix: This film is an exception to my “second film holds my attention the most” experience. This film has a lot of action, fighting, and sort of messed up future for the world that I find interesting. The combat is top notch. Also lots of mystery on the hows and whys. We get enough info to let us know things are bad, and in some ways, dehumanizing. As the oppressive regime gets a taste of being weakened, and Neo discovers himself is some of the best parts of this film.

Blade II: This film is far more appealing than the first, but I love both.  Blade doesn’t change much in the film, but he’s cool as hell, tough, and assertive in his war against vampires. Him teaming up with vampires to kill a new kind of vampire is a twist. Typically vampires fall into supernatural, but this film has a more science fiction/vigilante streak with some treacherous politics and family ties involved. Of all the superhero films I have seen, this is one of the few where a man of color is the hero, and uniquely establishes and holds control. Blade also takes a serious beating, and battles back to victory.

Porky’s: Unexpected addition to my list as it goes against the flavor of genre I like. It’s not for those who don’t want to see nudity or sex in their films.  It’s rated R for a reason. At its heart this is a sex-comedy, and it is hilarious.  One thing the film does, that most people may or may not notice is that the film addresses racism, anti-semitism, in addition to a series of insanely funny sexual hijinks. These guys are adept at pulling pranks and being horny. They also find themselves into and out of trouble with authority figures. Coach Ballbricker is hilarious and serious in her obsessions with Tommy, and being a mother hen to the girls. ASIDE: The subsequent sequels are nowhere near as funny or raw as the first.

Planet Terror: Let me say off the bat I hate zombie films. Not because they’re necessarily bad, but rather the genre unnerves me. I still have a difficult time with trying to watch The Walking Dead. It’s a good show, I’m just too creeped out to watch it. This film, however I like.  Perhaps because it plays with some of my expectations.  Make no mistake, this film is gory, violent, and absurd (perhaps that’s why I like it). Planet Terror takes plausibility, throws it out the window, and has all sorts of fun as a homage to old exploitation films. Definitely not a film for kids.While the creatures are more like diseased cannibals, I seem less unnerved, as they are just a different turn on zombies.

Bram Stoker’s Dracula: To clarify, that’s the films title, and its directed by Francis Ford Coppola. There are multiple Dracula films, so I needed to clarify. This is a very stylish costume horror-drama.I would dare say it has a fantasy aspect, with the use of princes, princesses, and a doomed loved.  Has that fairy tale motif, and the costumes look amazing. I would also say there’s an interesting willingness to use old school special effects. It gives the film some real distinctions. It does play some, over the top, and teases with eroticism.There is a romantic angle here, but I never felt like it was romantic. More like a bitter resolution to an old, old love with dark religious overtones and consequences to cursing God. Very adult themes.

That’s it for today. Enjoy a film or TV show, and happy creative endeavors.


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