The Silkened Road

Often, and creative-wise I fall off track a lot. What’s been consistent in 2015 is I stayed the course, and worked on a project I want to see completed. Admittedly frustration, and occasional bouts of inactivity plagued my work. It happens, but I’m over being frustrated and inactive.

For the past few days the fork in the road has been the direction, and path to happiness and success. Part of that path is all about self-worth. How one sees themselves in the world, and to themselves is a vital part of our beings.

We all have many labels, and wear multiple hats in life. Am I that writing warrior who knows no bounds, or perhaps the witty, poetic, playful fool who lives for the reader’s smiles/entertainment.

I enjoy working on both TV scripts and with screenplays for film, but I think its time to pick one, focus on success in that field, then venture into the other.   Why do I say pick one? Sometimes the mind and heart are split, and nothing feels completed.

This situation reminds me of college when I took a variety of art classes. As I progressed, I did not see that my strongest skill was in my drawing. I had the most art classes in drawing, and worked the hardest to improve.

My drawing skills grew stronger than my painting, photography, and printmaking skills. It was not a bad thing, but I was accumulating knowledge and skill without any assessment of who I became, and where my strengths and weaknesses resided. Looking back is a lesson, and an experience.

I see the experience repeating itself, as I have demonstrated knowledge of both TV scrips and screenplays, however, my strength is actually in cinema. I have studied more film than I have television.

While my heart has always been in creativity, the knowledge, strength and skill comes from my Cinema Studies (the inspiration behind this blog), and the reason I learned screenwriting in the first place.

If I’m going to succeed, find happiness, and strive to be a better me, I have to stay focused, always keep ideas afloat, and work harder. It’s not going to get easier, or get handed to me. I’m willing to work for what I love.

Happy creative endeavors.


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