Nostalgia and Star Wars The Force Awakens (Spoilers Ahead)

Spoilers Ahead: I got lucky, and was able to see Star Wars The Force Awakens, and its always fun to go to the theater and get lost into a film for a short while. I write this paragraph to at least give some a chance to avert their eyes if the title didn’t give you a hint that you may or may not learn something about the film you don’t want to know.

Full disclosure: I am a huge fan of the original trilogy, so I do have a weakness for the nostalgic aspects of the film, so that comes with a few likes, and dislikes. First, I do believe the film homages liberally from A New Hope, and the parallels are there.  For example; there’s a droid with a secret, yet vital info, a desert planet.  The Millennium Falcon gets people off the desert planet away from Storm Troopers, etc.  It’s fun to see those elements.

Let me say that Fin and Rey are fun characters who prove to be likable, if not at odds with each other to a point. I also love seeing returning characters, like Han, Chewie, Leia, and Luke (sorta). Luke oddly parallels Obi-Wan with his pupil turning to the dark side and causing great pains and tragedies. It’s weird. Why is he in seclusion and hiding.  Who was he watching from afar, or waiting for–if we take the parallel to a longer conclusion. I hope Lando appears in the sequel, because he’s my fave.

In that respect, I hope that this film pays off as it seems to enable a sequel to fill in some gaps in the story.  I don’t know much about what happened between Rylo Ken/Ben, his parents, and Luke.

What I found lacking here was a real discernible villain. Granted Rylo Ken is the primary antagonist, he seems meh. I liked his lack of emotional control, and how one scene made fun of how dangerous he can get when his frustrations take over, but he just felt a bit petulant, and less of a menacing threat. His “test” to further his path to the dark side doest seem to empower him to be stronger, but divides him. He’s less effective, but gets points for showing up and being spiteful.

While I didn’t mind finding out who the awakens Jedi was, I found that final lightsaber duel a bit blah. While I can assume Rylo Ken may be too unfocused at the time to use his abilities effectively, the fact that n ex-stormtrooper and a scavenger held their own, and succeed is embarrassing for him. Just how dangerous is he, other to his Oedipal issues. I’m betting he comes back a bit more aggressive and ruthless, and less childish, however.

I did enjoy the movie, and yes, a film can have good and bad elements. I say go see it if you like a sci-fi adventure. It does feel less space opera and more adventure, but it does tie some family drama, but that’s not the focus of the series, nor is it a bit of a fairy tale the original films embodied/incorporated. Let me also add; say what you will about the prequels, but I give it to George Lucas to make the saber rules intense.

Have fun, and enjoy a movie or TV show.


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