Was thinking of art again, and how to communicate better with art, as theme seems to elude me far more than it should be. In script and screenplays, I was taught theme is important. In art, them can be important.

I decided to look at some artists, and see what they were saying about their work. Who knows, perhaps they were pulling things from the ether, or they were drop dead serious, but I’m using that as a launching point.

For example, some would explore themes such as “aggression,” or “identity.” One could even explore “aggressive identity.” It sounds odd, but it reminds me that years ago, I had to explain the term “desire” to my cinema studies class.

Desire, to me, has always been motive for characters. The strongest desires resonate with the the audience. Usually desire and theme can be intertwined. It’s the simple and primal way to say, “what does the character want, need, and what happens if they don’t get what they want/need.”

By extension, “aggressive identity” could mean the character has a strong sense of self or a rigid belief/impression now threatened by a force, be it their now reflection, an ideal, or other people. Depending on the character, I wonder how they’d address this force.

Theme seems so easy when I blog about it.  LOL

Happy creative endeavors.


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