Randomly Random

Sometimes I simply love mischief in my creativity. It’s what makes me smile and curious. Sometimes it’s from jokes I make, not taking a thing seriously. Other times it’s me being a trickster and wanting to mess with expectations.  

Sometimes I like imagining odd things.  For example, last election I was so annoyed with the news who constantly said the word “election” without giving any real news. So I wished I had the power to make the newscasters say “erections” instead of election. It was so damn silly I imagined all the newscasters trying to correct themselves and constantly failing. It was just a scenario, but it still makes me laugh.  

So, a little creative writing chaos ain’t bad if it makes for a fun scene. Now if I can only be irked all the time and write from that mocking center of my brain. Writing should be entertaining and fun. At least for me.  

As always, happy creative endeavors. 


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