Overthinking and Sinking

One constant creative piece of trivia about me is that if I conceive of a title first for a story, I can pretty much “see’ the path, or at least, multiple scenes with decent connective tissue to work through, resolve, and start outline/writing.

What happened yesterday was I was supposed to re-outline a script as I dd add new characters, and I knew some parts of the story needed revisions to resolve some plot logic fails that plagued it. Well, I did start it, but then I realized I could not get my theme to stick.

By “stick” I meant I opened a new file, plugged in the right info, and looked at what I had, and could not imagine a relating theme for my A, B, and C stories. At this point I felt defeated, meh, and stepped away.

Later that night, I decided that I would be random, write down ideas, and not care to think about theme or too long on each title.  I started with a title, the sillier the better. Some titles rhymed, puns (my fave), and alliteration (“Double Down, Dude”). I had a story description to follow with  a few sentences.  I had thirty nine ideas before bedtime, and woke to add number forty to the list.  may do five more today for the heck of it.

So what I have now are ideas that have some focus, and have helped me see, in a sense that I overthought theme.  If I come up with a title, then I know I have a story that will hold together. I know I have a slew of story ideas, and would love to implement them.

This doesn’t resolve the plot logic fails, or revise scenes, but it also showed me the potential for ideas and stories.  Got a few more now, bet put them to good use.

As always, happy creative endeavors.


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