Saturday Night

Wrote a post, and it was promptly eaten by gremlins after I pressed post. Oh well. Stuff happens, then we try again. I was hoping to have at least a draft, but nope. It doesn’t matter, time to write something new.

Did some background writing on characters, and I’ve been thinking of the script overall. I feel I’m possibly having too much in one episode. Perhaps I should make this two episodes. This means at the very least, rewriting the outline, which wouldn’t be so bad.

In a way this alleviates my annoyance with the fact that I didn’t the original second episode I wrote.I’m sure I can find parts of it reused for other stories/episodes, but no need to think too deep.

Well, will keep working on things, and not thinking too long on things. Write, write, write.

As always, happy creative endeavors.



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