Happy Thanksgiving

For those who do celebrate the holiday, Happy Thanksgiving.  For those who do not, have a great day. This isa good a day as any to reflect on the things we have in our lives, and for those who are gone.

It’s been a while since I posted. My writing was reduced to more writing via Note, and has yet to be formatted, and corrected. I need to do some writing.

Been back into research, as this is a fantasy story, and I was doing crucial things like trying to figure out what style of magic my protagonists and friends use. Also trying to figure out how the non-magic people fight and defend themselves, or not.

My greatest though at the moment is, how dark is the magic the hero uses, or is it more destructive, benevolent, or benign. This comes from playing various RPGs and knowing some magic buffs (enhances) allies and de-buffs (weakens enemies). It can protect or  heals people, or outright obliterate foes with various types of damages.

So I guess the question is what’s the consequence of using a type magic, is it interesting, and will the audience follow? I do want it to work with the character’s persona.  All background material that comes to the surface soon.

As always, happy creative endeavors.


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