Thursday Goodness

Today is another rain-filled day.  Last night, the weather man said 100% chance of rain.  Overnight was a doozy of rain (slept through it), and woke up to a yard that overflows with water. At least the ditches are not filled with water, and it can drain off.

Writing has been a little spotty.  I did get my two page minimum from last post, and need to write a lot more.  On top that, I realized the two pages I wrote need to be in the third act.  Why? Well, the fourth act should be about the confrontation, and ultimate resolution.  Getting there should already be done.

Today I need to get some writing done soon today, and that should be no issue, provided I sit down and make myself work. Typically I like to start writing off with a blog post. So I feel like this is the start of something good.

As always, happy creative endeavors.


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