Two Page Minimum

Today is a lot colder than the previous days. Woke up to a chill. May need to get the heavier blankets out of the close, and onto my bed. It’s all good if it keeps me warm when I need to be.

Today, I owe myself at least two pages of script. I sincerely would like to see act four get the rewrite it deserves. A while ago I was dissatisfied with the outcome of what I wrote, knew I would change it, had no clue as to how, but today is try to get two pages in the right direction.

While I say two pages in the minimum, the main (A) story is seven pages, and the secondary story of four pages, needs a rewrite as well. The final story, the C story, actually fits pretty well, so not much needs to change with that, other than double checking grammar and format issues.

The final part of the act four is the tag (wrap-up, cliff-hanger, etc.) is two pages, and I’m sure I’ll adjust those pages to reflect the actual changes I did make. So thirteen pages stand in the away of this speculative pilot at least having the revisions to at least make it feel whole, and reflective of what the series is about.

I think I need to boost my minimum set.  We shall see. I’m down for an adventure in writing today.

As always, happy creative endeavors.


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