Words Were Written

It’s nice that I can get some words down for a story. The real heart of my struggle was I was looking for the right theme to use for this story.  It’s a straightforward A, B, C story, and each letter/story needed to be thematically linked. 

Let me also add writing in a vacuum can be a bit tough. Plowing through the drama isn’t necessarily fun. I was, and still feel frustrated, stilted, and determined to resolve this script’s thematic issues.  

When I wrote the script, I had a theme of “bruised egos,”but as I wrote more, it didn’t fit as well. So I’ve been exploring themes, and revisiting the outline. This had me rewriting and trying out different themes.  

It wasn’t until late night did I find the better theme to develop the stories. So I did write, but found a stronger direction with the hopes of completing what I started. 

For the record, the theme is “upsets,” as in being handed them.  This is a theme I knew all too well, so adding it fit well in each storyline. So now more words must be written.  

Happy creative endeavors. 

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