One Word at a Time

Today is one of those days where I don’t feel creative, and on my second cup of coffee. I’m a hot mess today.  That doesn’t mean things can’t get done. When I’m writing, and resolving problems in stories, it feels good. Kinda silky, even sexy in a way.  

When I don’t write, I get aimless. Stuck in my head, and not much gets done. Also basic TV programming is truly bad. Bad for the brain. Bad quality of shows, and notorious and relentlessly boring.  Not all of it, but it’s an emptiness that only intensifies the bleakness that can come over my day.  

So today, it’s a one word at a time day. If I do anything, it’s going to be a slow writing day, but there will be some writing that gets done. Pen and paper, Notes app, Word document. A blog post is always a good start. 

As always, happy creative endeavors. 

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