Sometimes Things Don’t Work Out

My days are filled with the typical chaotic pace that I try to throw away. It rained hard again, overnight after days of gloomy skies. The front and back yards overflowed with water. It got darker sooner, and my sleep pattern went to heck, as it does during time shifts. Writing went down to minimal, and I hate that, but at the same time that’s what it needs. 

Smaller projects and newer projects sprang to life, and I jotted down what I believed was ideas, and elements of short stories. I do want to get out my notepad and make some more notes and ideas and I resolve old concepts and renew my interests.  It’s a rough road.  

Made chili tonight. It needs to com a little more, and I hope it turns out good.  I’m getting distracted, and I can’t type and chat with the people.  


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