Some Shows I Like

Since I’m a bit tight on cash, going to the movies is out for the moment (sorry Crimson Peak, but I will see you on Blu-Ray eventually). I did get to see a lot of new season TV shows, and this is a post about them. I will say this, there are some shows I looked forward to returning, and new ones I wanted to see.

The Player: This one’s more of an action-thriller. I am a fan of Wesley Snipes, and Blade I and II are two of my fave Snipes movie.  Snipes plays Mr. Johnson, and he’s not the hero in the story, and more anti-hero. Mr. Johnson is quite cold-blooded and cunning when he needs to be. Let me add that Phillip Winchester from Strike Back is also on the show as Alex Kane. I loved that show. So far I’ve been enjoying the episodes, and will turn in for more. Alex stopping crimes, and trying to resolve the mystery around his wife is interesting. I’m curious as to the outcome.

Speaking of Strike Back, I’ve been watching The Blindspot, which stars Sullivan Stapleton, and Jamie Alexander. It is a crime/action show. The focus is on Jamie Alexander’s character, Jane, who’s amnesiac and covered in tattoos that serves as some sort of messages that leads to crime.  I kinda wish I could binge watch this one.  Not 100% into the show, but I’m sticking with it.

Heroes: Reborn: Full disclosure-I quit on the original series after watching a few seasons, but refused to watch the last season. Why? Well, the stories got progressively worse to me. I was tired of tuning in to hate on a show. With Heroes: Reborn, I was willing to suspend my doubt and try the mini-series. While I’m not at hate-on levels, I am rather wondering after a few episodes of multiple storylines if there is a payoff. I do like that there are varying storylines, which is both a strength and a weakness. Some of the characters-to me fall a tad bit flat, and I’m having a few logic fails.

With these three shows, there’s some sort of resolution I’m anticipating. Out of the three, the Player holds my attention the most. I should do a full post dedicated to it to give a little more details. As a writer I like to see the structure of a show, and how I am hooked, or not.  At the very least knowing as a viewer what I’m willing to put up with, stick with, or reject.


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