Creativity on the Go

Two projects got worked on-the spec pilot, and a concept for a video game.  Now the speculative pilot is known, but the game concept is new.  The spec pilot keeps inching forward, which is not bad, since its not on a timetable (and maybe it should be). I even tinkered with the idea that this may actually be a screenplay, and not a pilot.  The brain keeps coming up with options.

Last post I discussed how I imagined the projects I’d turn out if I were working on mobile/video games. In a way its a keen exercise for the mind that I come up with concepts and actions. So I took more to pen and pad, and wrote down things like what’s in the protagonist’s way, what happens when the protag doesn’t get their goal, what peens when they do. I even found myself writing some sub quests to do along the way.  Now all I need is some boss fights.

I did wonder if I should come up with a fantasy or sci-fi RPG (role-playing game) in the same manner.  The exercise at least gets me to think of concepts, goals, consequences, and various obstacles my mind seems to not process while doing the usual screen and script writing exercises. I do like to see a page full of notes and images. As to the format they will unlimitedly take, that’s up in the air.

Happy creative endeavors.


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