Back To Sunday

I should have written a post sooner.  It seems like things come and go.  On a positive note, I had an interview for a job, and visited some friends, so there was some out of the house experiences to be had. I remain hopeful and positive gainful employment shall come my way.  In the meantime, I need to keep on being creative.

Did write out some dialogue which needs to find its way to being formatted and placed within the script.  Was experimenting with voices and how one particular character speaks. So I created his lines around in a particular accent to see where it went. So far so good.  I need to give the other characters distinct voices.

Today my mind was on plot, and how to make things work better.  This means looking at the structure, and possibly making more adjustments. I also wanted to look back at the genre and premise.  While I initially came up with a premise, it slowly changed when I picked a specific main character. For that to work he’s perceived as a cog in the many moving parts.  Where he’s at now, is on what he wants and needs, and that’s a different concept.

More work to do.  Never give up. It will get resolved.

As always, happy creative endeavors.


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