Cool Sunday

Today was the first day it was chilly, and I wasn’t 100% ready for that. I would happily settle on some sunshine and warmth, but it is fall. The wind knocked over some plants. Gotta sweep off the porch more than usual, and hot coffee never felt so comforting.

For the past couple of nights, I’ve taken to doing revisions for act two and three of the spec pilot. The revisions for act two had me rewriting parts of the A and B stories to reflect new characters and plot points. I also made some adjustments to some existing characters. Characters always seems to need some tweaking.

The main/A story of act three needed updating. I believe the second and third stories in the act are fine as far as plot and character elements go. Will still glance over them before I advance to the fourth and final act.

I know I’m going to change the A story, and parts of the B story in act four (final act). Will likely change the ending to reflect the changes in A and B. The C story should remain roughly the same.

I did confess to a friend that I didn’t like the second episode I wrote for this series, so I may scrap this and write a new outline. I do, however like the third episode, and will likely tweak some parts of it to reflect a few things.

So I remind myself to push the story forward, and remove things that don’t work, even if I like a scene. Trust me, I liked a few of them, that I removed.

As always, Happy creative endeavors.


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