Crimson Peak

I so want to see this movie.  I’ve read several reviews on Crimson Peak. Mostly people didn’t enjoy the film, but praise the production values and cinematography. That’s a fair perspective.

One thing I will note, is this film, based on reviews, has an expectation issue. It’s not a horror or ghost story (I’d have love to see a ghost story), but rather a gothic romance, which is a genre unto itself. Admittedly the trailer looks like this is a a horror film. That would screw with my expectation as well.

I must admit that I love a del Toro film, so I’m willing to go see Crimson Peak for myself.


2 thoughts on “Crimson Peak

    • Thanks for posting.

      On a positive note, I have seen some reviews that are positive, and at least one person I know saw and enjoyed watching Crimson Peak.

      Seeing it for myself will satisfy my curiosity. For better or worse, I’m sure I’ll find something to love about it.

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