Today is one of those days where I could lay about, and contemplate how cool it is to relax. Instead, I told myself I was writing, and why not start off with a blog post?  Turn the quiet time into a bit of action, right?

So I put on some music. Currently listening to Janelle Monae’s ArchAndroid. When I bought this CD a while back, I was obsessed with the first half of songs.  Now it seems I’m obsessed with the second half. Perhaps at some point I will find myself wanting the full album experience, and play the whole thing.

Last week I wrote ideas in my notepad, or wrote them out in my Notes app. Also did some research into genres. Then it all flew out the window when I just came up with oddball characters and scenarios for future stories.  There were some good possibilities there: Characters went through paces I didn’t expect. At least one became a bit of a jerk boss. While I didn’t like her for that, I kinda dug her character more.

Happy creative endeavors.


2 thoughts on “Moody…

  1. I have begun to be interested in trying out writing in TV format, more to learn a new style and think more visually than anything else. (I am a firm believer in literary cross-training.) Do you recommend any books or software for getting used to the different number act/beats form and formatting?

    • Hello,

      Thanks for asking.

      For TV formatting, I suggest the book Crafty TV Writing by Alex Epstein. He also wrote Crafty Screenwriting if you’re interested in writing for films.

      As for screenwriting software, the industry standard is Movie Magic Screenwriter or Final Draft. I use Movie Magic Screenwriter, as it was what was available when I was taking classes.

      Cross training can produce interesting results (I started taking literary fiction writing classes).

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