The Late Night Thing

I find, after I turn off the tv, and everyone is resting, writing gets done. Last night was about revising material, and trying to make the script cohesive. One thing I have a problem with is cutting text from pages. I think its all brilliant, however, it can’t all be there. So getting to the heart of a scene was the goal. Don’t even know how effective I was, yet, but progress towards completion is certainly a good thing.

Last night also has a tornado watch, which kinda took the edge of my concentration. While we got rain and lightning, a tornado did strike Johns Island. I am grateful and sad at the same time. I just want to take a moment to reflect on how dangerous the weather can turn. Watching the news now, and learning the extent of the storms all over SC.

I’ve also been trying to give some of my dialog a few passes at being better. The rule is not be be too straightforward with what one wants when a character speaks. It’s kinda contradictory, as in my head one should speak their mind and be as direct and as succinct as possible, however being on the nose doesn’t always work. Thus, instead of saying “I want a bag of chips, cause I’m hungry,”  I have to figure this out in a subtle fashion.

I’ll take another pass at the dialogue soon.

As always, happy creative endeavors.


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