Attitude Adjustment Department

Today is about having an attitude. Not a bad attitude, but about putting some energy and sass in my scripts. I want to write more than progression into my stories. I want to feel like these characters are on fire, sitting on blocks of ice, or standing buck naked in a forest of cacti. I want that imagination sparking, and the words flowing. Nobody gets on or off the page without doing something that pushes the story forward. 

So no negativity or blahs from me in my creativity. I will accept cheeky humor as these characters work the runway of these pages. Also I’m trying to break out of a rut. I need fierce determination and on point delivery. I also want to see me succeed, and that means I gotta push myself harder. I can get things done. It will happen, and we start now. 

Happy creative endeavors, peeps. Work your projects like they gonna be outta style next week, so make it all count today.  


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