New Month, Let’s Work

Last moths had more bumps than I anticipated.  It seems like things didn’t fall together. Sometimes creativity seems like a luxury that I indulge in. Other times I’m reminded to take stock in what I have done. While the script met with upsets, and a smattering of revisions, there was a certain short story that got new pages. I’m reminded to synch my Notes app with the laptop.

I feel positive today.  It’s a mix of cleaning, and duties. The things I want to watch aren’t on the air, and last Saturday saw the last episode of Hannibal. To which i ask, what will I watch on Saturdays? Perhaps nothing. Perhaps this means I’ll do more writing. So fave show vs. future productivity.

Also found myself watching the online animated series RWBY (pronounced “Ruby”), a fantasy/science fiction program produced by Rooster Teeth, and can be found on YouTube. I’ll post a separate link soon. I love animated programs, action, and science-fantatasy, so I got a nice does of it.

Also looked at some old school animated programs, such as Challenge of the Super Friends. It’s from the 70s, so the writing isn’t as sophisticated as something made these days, however, I’m nostalgic, and there’s something not be said about the evolution of animation from then to now, which has gotten better.  Also the show is fun to watch with adult eyes, as when I saw it as a child, the show was captivating.

So watching shows, need to write more, and i have a few ideas for the TV script to improve where it needs to be.  I feel good about that, and need to get the ideas down on file.

As always, happy creative endeavors.

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