Iced Coffee and Brainstorming

A couple of days ago, I tasked myself with creating a longline for the show I’m working on.  This stems from being asked what the series is about.  I can tell you what the story is, but the goal is to give a person a one to two sentence summary of the show that distills it down to its bare bones. Since it’s a fantasy series, I realized the terminology would throw a host of people off if they peeped it. 

This means I’d have to leave out any unfamiliar terms, and try to make sense.  I did mention the genre, as it’s important to the series. The first try was too simple.  The second try had all the world-related terms a friend didn’t get when he read it.  The third pass was me just saying to myself, “write this longline like its me in a casual conversation, and a bit carefree.” 

Suddenly I had a positive start where I only had to tweak for grammar, and not overhaul what I’m saying. It was clear, more reader friendly, and as a friend told me, it made more sense, and was relatable. I love a positive step. So now I have a better viewpoint and can shape the story better.  

Happy creative endeavors. 


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